The "Dangė" Women’s Choir of the ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI Culture Centre was founded in 2013. The choral group consists mainly of graduates of various faculties of Klaipėda University, Klaipėda residents who like to communicate, travel and participate in various cultural events in their free time.

The leader of the choir is Judita Kiaulakytė, Associate Professor at the Klaipėda Faculty of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Choirmaster: Rasa Lukšienė. Concertmaster: Jūratė Gedminienė.

The Dangė Women’s Choir has been actively involved in the concert life of the Klaipėda City and the country. The group performs choral music of various styles: from old-time music to creations of contemporary authors. The women’s choir sings in the halls of Klaipėda and other Lithuanian cities, as well as gives performances during sacred music hours in various churches, participates in the Song Festivals held in the city and the country, and in the Ave Maria and Džiūgaukim...Aleliuja (Let’s Rejoice ... Alleluia) international festivals. The choir has given a concert at the Riga Dome Cathedral together with the ensembles of Vilnius University - the Virgo Women’s Choir and the Chamber Orchestra, and continues to collaborate with them on future projects. Dangė also communicates and performs together with the Eglė Women’s Choir of Vilnius Museum of Applied Arts, and participates in charity Christmas events at Klaipėda Seamen’s Hospital.

In 2015, Dangė participated in two international festivals and won the following awards: the Golden Ribbon Award in the Equal Voices category at the Second International Lenten Music Competition Festival in Szczecin (Poland), the Silver Ribbon Award in the Sacred Music Category and the Special Prize at the Praga Cantat 2015 festival (Czech Republic).

On 18-22 May 2016, the choir participated in the 12th international Mundus Cantat choir festival held in Sopot (Poland). Dangė won the Silver Diploma and the additional prize of the sponsors of the festival awarded for the third time in the history of the festival.

On 19-23 October 2016, the Dangė Choir participated in the 5th international Canta Al Mar choir festival and competition held in Barcelona (Spain). The women from the Klaipėda ensemble became double laureates of the festival: they won gold diplomas in the categories of secular (equal choirs) and sacred music. The choir has also acquired the exclusive right to participate in the competitions of the winners of the World Choir Games for five years.

In 2017, the Dangė Women’s Choir won the Aukso paukštė (Golden Bird) award, which is the highest Lithuanian amateur art award.

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