The Fishermen's Palace can be accessed by wheelchair - ramps have been  installed.

The lobby of the Fisherman’s Palace is free to  move with a wheelchair.

There is enough space for a wheelchair in the Great Hall and Theater Halls.

There is a toilet for the disabled on the first floor  .

The second floor of the Fishermen's Palace - the lobby, the administration and the Theater Hall - can be reached by  wheelchair lift  (for wheelchair users).

It is installed in the staircase next to the cloakroom (there is a link on the door). The staff of the Fishermen's Chamber, the administrator, will advise you on how to use the lift.

If a larger group of disabled people is planning to watch the event, please inform us the day before the scheduled event by calling (8 46) 410 565.


The information shall be published in a sufficiently  large font  that can be read by visually impaired people.

Labels and explanatory notes shall be arranged in such a way that they can be seen by people in a wheelchair.

Explanatory texts are easy to understand.


The lobby of the Fisherman’s Palace (I and II floors) has chairs that can be used by elderly, disabled or tired visitors.


The Chamber of Fishermen organizes events for the  International Day of People with Disabilities every year .

The Chamber of Fishermen consults with disabled people's organizations on the accessibility of the facility and the development of educational programs. The needs of the disabled are taken into account in the preparation of educational programs.


Discounts are available for people with disabilities  . They are announced by event organizers on ticket distribution portals ( Bilietai.LT , ,  Tiketa )

Wheelchair users are  advised to  buy tickets in the 13th or 22nd row in the first places (in the Great Hall), not in the 10th to 12th rows.

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