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“The True Story of the Dinosaurs”

February 4: 12:00 - 13:00

€5.90 – €11.00

pavadinimas“The True Story of the Dinosaurs”
Dance performance for the children



Choreographer – Aušra Krasauskaitė
The author of the music is Kristijonas Lučinskas
Set designer and costume designer – Liuka Songailaitė
Light artist – Justas Butkus
Playwright – Samanta Pinaitytė
Make-up artist – Aira Braždienė
Audio and video director – Jonas Raudonius
The assistant director is Marijana Fokina

What have you heard about dinosaurs? Maybe you’ve read something about them? Can you swear they’re gone? But did you look around, looked at all the things? Did you watch the falling stars? Have you closed your eyes and immersed yourself in a fantasy world for at least a moment? We will open the door to the universe for you, where you can see the planets of the solar system, take a close look at the dinosaurs and understand the real reason for their existence. You will travel to unknown corners of the universe, learn about the true creation of the universe, the supposed extinction of dinosaurs, and the first human journey to Mars: something you won’t find in any history textbook. You will meet five cute dinosaurs and have a chance to see how these five unexpectedly discover a creature never seen before. Then a strange and unique friendship ensues, which once again reminds us of the importance of family. And that making a mistake is not a bad thing if we learn from it. It is a story that encompasses the vast universe of feelings and is reminiscent of real and simple values ​​that exist to this day but are a little forgotten. Just promise to bring a best friend to the performance, as this is a story that not everyone can learn. It is a story that can only be shared with those who have not yet grown up and stopped believing the imagination.

Duration 45 min.


February 4
12:00 - 13:00
€5.90 – €11.00


Big Hall


Klaipėdos valstybinis muzikinis teatras
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