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“World History”

2022 April 30: 19:00


pavadinimasPantomime Theater “A”
“World History”

Directed by Aleksas Mažonas
Costume designer Aina Zinčiukaitė
Starring: Domantas Denisovas, Andrius Dolleris, Jūratė Jocienė, Laima Jucevičienė, Milginta Palubinskaitė, Irina Tabak



Swiss historian and journalist Herbert Luethy said: “Only an understanding of the past makes us understand the present.”
In the past, biblical stories conveyed by great artists did not end with illustrations alone. Artists chose them to tell about themselves, their time, to gain a deeper understanding of the present. The images of Scripture were universal and understandable to all. Now this language is foreign to us. We can no longer read as clearly from the page the stories that the poets, artists, composers and artists of the past have immortalized in their works.
Therefore, we tried to touch on biblical plots and create pictures of world history from sculptures. This is how this pantomime performance was born, which we present to our viewers.


2022 April 30


Theatre Hall


Kultūros centras Žvejų rūmai
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