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XXI International streeet theatre festival “Šermukšnis

TEATRO SÓ  (Portugal)


A Poetry Show About Love And Memories


Staging and dramaturgy –  Sérgio Fernandes

Actors – Ana Gabriel,  Sérgio Fernandes

Music – Ferdinand Breil


How to write a love story, of a lasting love in time, filling a life till its twilight, and never ending for whom who still beholds the past? The writing of this love story does not begin upon the heroic deaths of Romeo and Juliet, it flows out of an old couple’s entire life, for whom love is that very whole fully accomplished life. One’s DEATH haunts with solitude the life of the other. A solitude which the strength of the remembrances turns phantoms alive, not giving up on loving the remaining one, zealous guardian angels, invisible lovers whose kisses are made of wind. The one who left is now invisible, though his soul blesses the one who stayed, inhabiting the breath of the one who loved him, waiting for the reencounter, knowing that life still goes on for the remaining on. Solitude is a recurring theme in the plays of  “Teatro Só”.  However, the characters are not touched by despair, but rather by the reflection of gestures and the gratitude of memory. There is not a better word to define this work then “recordação,” which French origin “re-coeur” simply means re-heart, that is, letting it passed through the heart, again, one more time.


“You were fabulous again! It really touched me, I watched it twice and both times I had to hold back the tears. Thank for that amazing performance!". Holzminden International Festival (Germany)


“Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your performance at Reuring festival last Saturday. It really moved me. And I wasnt the only one. Lots of people had watery eyes. I saw people watching the show from the multi storey car park. People who weren't really intending to go and watch it, but who were captivated by its magic. It really brought the citytogether... Thank you for bringing your show to Purmerend. The actors were amazing!“. Reuring Festival (Netherlands)


TEATRO SÓ is a Portuguese theater company based in Berlin. It develops a multidisciplinary work relating circus arts, mask technique, physical theater, installation and plastic

arts. All these components converge to an imaginative, non spoken, visually poetic theater in which the communication between actor and audience happens through the power of gesture. The themes on the scene focus directly on social stigmas transverse to all cultures and generaions.

The public witnesses these theatrical moments through the emotional language of the body, not through the use of the word. This apparent modesty of  TEATRO SÓ underscores the very simplicity of the human condition, a radical fragility that everyone can feel independently of his nation, religijon or social condition. This universal dimension of  TEATRO SÓ has been taken to the street, the stage of the world, in which artistic expression is accessible to all.

TEATRO SÓ it's based at the Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin. It is part of the Performing Artists Platform in Bethanien and it is a member of the German Street Theater Association.


Duration – 30 min



The festival "Šermukšnis" is presented by LRT and Kultūros uostas Klaipėda

The festival is funded by Klaipėda City Municipality and the Lithuanian Culture Council

Organizer –Žvejų rūmai, Klaipeda City Municipality Cultural Center


2021 July 3 d, Saturday, 20:00 hour

2021 July 4 d, Sunday, 19:00 hour


Tickets: - €

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