Mime Theatre "A"



XXI International streeet theatre festival “Šermukšnis“

TEATR KTO (Poland)


A wandering theatre show without words



Script, music selection and stage direction – Jerzy Zoń

Stage set, masks and costume design – Joanna Jaśko-Sroka

Stage movement and choreography – Eryk Makohon



Sławek Bendykowski, Karolina Bondaronek, Bartek Cieniawa, Monika Daukszo, Paulina Lasyk, Paweł Monsiel, Michał Orzyłowski, Grażyna Srebrny-Rosa, Marta Zoń.


This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper...

T. S. Eliot


A wandering theatre show inspired by poetic works of T.S. Eliot depicts a single day in the life of a contemporary everyman. In an appealing visual form, with attractive choreography and grotesque mode of presentation taken with a pinch of salt, it severely exposes the traps of contemporary world, in which many of us fall unreflectively losing the distinctiveness of our souls. Does the collective possession of the Peregrinuses have an end? In this journey do we fall prey to the dybbuks or do we become them?

The contemporary "Everyman", whose life is "suspended" between Home and Work for a corporation, identifies his or her "pathway through life" as a "pathway to work".

The peregrination in search of the meaning of life comes into view through everyday toil, deprived of spirituality, love and beauty.

The world of the "Peregrinus" is a "digital" civilization – sad, terrifying and grotesque, where consumerism turns into a dominant religion. A shop window is the home of the Peregrinus of the 21st century.

A mobile character of the show exposes the adventures of the protagonist in various contexts of urban space. Homo Peregrinus is a formatted human being stripped of emotionality, predictable and bereft of individual characteristics.


In the five seasons since its premiere (May 2015, Milan) the production has been presented around the world, attending over 50 festivals, the most important of which are: The Theatre Olympics (Saint Petersburg, Russia 2019), FiraTàrrega (Tarrega, Spain 2018), Chalon dans la rue (Chalon-sur-Saône, Prancūzija 2018), À nous la rue ! (Montreal, Canada 2017), The Sziget Festival (Budapest, Hungary 2017), The Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Sibiu, Romania 2017), The Seoul Street Arts Festival (Seoul, South Korea 2016), The Tbilisi International Theatre Festival (Tbilisi, Georgia 2016), The New York International Fringe (New York, USA 2016) and The Greenwich & Docklands International Festival (London, England 2016).


The theater performance is partly funded by the Polish Institute in Vilnius - Instytut Polski w Wilnie

Duration – 50 min



The festival "Šermukšnis" is presented by LRT and Kultūros uostas Klaipėda

The festival is funded by Klaipėda City Municipality and the Lithuanian Culture Council

Organizer – Žvejų rūmai, Klaipeda City Municipality Cultural Center


2021 July 3 d, Saturday, 21:00 hour

2021 July 4 d, Sunday, 21:00 hour


Tickets: - €


Calendar of Events

"Fairy-tale About Kitten, Cock-a-Dodle-Doo and Seven Goatlings"

12:00 hour

Theatre Hall

6.20 €

Performance for Children based on Lithuanian Tales


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