Mime Theatre "A"





A musical street theatre performance

Director – Adrian Schvarzstein


Performers – Camerata dei Folli:

Nerijus Masevičius (voice)

Jūratė Širvytė-Rukštelė (dance)

Petras Lisauskas (actor)

Ieva Baublytė (recorders, Gothic harp)

Vytautas Dovydauskis  (accordion)

Saulius S. Lipčius (liuto forte, Baroque guitar)


“Gekumen“ retraces the vestiges of Lithuanian Jewish cultural heritage, which have been nearly obliterated over the course of turbulent history, thereby promoting the values of openness and tolerance within the present-day society. The aim of this musical street theatre performance is to revive and introduce, in a somewhat modern key, the Lithuanian culture of inter-war period, in which Jewish tradition played a prominent part. Traditional Jewish and Western European musical heritage is presented here in the way that is accessible enough to appeal to a wide audience, while the featured music encompasses not only Yiddish, Sephardic traditional songs, klezmer music, popular songs by Danielius Dolskis who was perhaps the most well-known Jewish-born singer in inter-war Lithuania but also Spanish and Italian music of the Baroque era and even earlier periods, which helps underscore the universality of our musical heritage. The interactive format of this street performance enables performers to engage an audience into telling their story and thus offers the viewers to play an active role in the performance and in their own history, instead of establishing distance with what is happening here and now in the street and with their past.


Director’s note:

“We arrive in the environment and life that have gone through many significant changes. And there’s yet another important discovery for us to make: that people and the world still remain something not fully fathomable and special, that each day may become an episode of survival adventure. I developed the idea and fictional characters for my performance by recollecting an actual person. Despite the somewhat documentary context of the script, we end up creating a theatre performance where fantasy, comedy and absurdity are our most reliable companions. Just like in life.” – Adrian Schvarsztein


Duration – 45 min



The festival "Šermukšnis" is presented by LRT and Kultūros uostas Klaipėda

The festival is funded by Klaipėda City Municipality and the Lithuanian Culture Council

Organizer –Žvejų rūmai, Klaipeda City Municipality Cultural Center


2021 July 3 d, Saturday, 18:00 hour

2021 July 4 d, Sunday, 15:00 hour


Tickets: - €


Calendar of Events

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