Mime Theatre "A"

The mission of the ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI Culture Centre is to foster the culture and traditions of amateur art, to create conditions for the artistic self-expression of the residents of the city, and for the fulfilment and development of their cultural needs. ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI enables people of all ages to engage in artistic activities, as well as administers and provides technical conditions for the activities of amateur art groups.

ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI organises the celebration of public holidays in Klaipėda: the Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania (16th of February), the Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania (11th of March), the Day of the State (Coronation of King Mindaugas of Lithuania) (6th of July), as well as Christmas and New Year events. This includes solemn ceremonies (raising of the state flag), processions, concerts, promotions and other events.

It also organises events to commemorate significant dates: the Freedom Defender’s Day (13th of January), the Day of Mourning and Hope (14th of June), the Day of the Baltic Way (23rd of August) and other.

Every two years, ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI organises the Šermukšnis International Street Theatre Festival. The 20th anniversary of the festival was marked on 5-7 July 2019.

Since 2008, the Jaunatis (Crescent) Theatre Festival for Children and Youth with the participation of theatres of the country has been organised in February each year.

ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI presents to the public of the city the performances of high-level Lithuanian and foreign professional artistic groups (the most outstanding productions of the country’s theatres, concert programmes of various performers).

The culture centre develops and implements educational programmes for different age groups, as well as for different needs and interests.

ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI continuously hosts exhibitions (photography, painting, etc.) of artists from Klaipėda and the entire country.


Ten amateur art groups work and create at the ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI Culture Centre:

Mime Theatre “A”,

BE DURŲ Youth Theatre

GLIUKAI Theatre (Benas Šarka),


CANTARE Mixed Choir,

KLAIPĖDA Mixed Choir,

DANGĖ Women’s Choir,

VĖLUNGA Folk Dance Assembly,

ŽILVINAS Youth Folk Dance Group,

ATMINTIES GAIDA, a Klaipėda City Choir of Former Political Prisoners and Exiles.


The art groups operating at the ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI Culture Centre actively participate not only in the cultural life of the city and the country but also in international festivals and competitions, gaining international recognition and proclaiming the name of Lithuania and Klaipėda at the same time.

Since 2012, the management of the Klaipėda Summer Stage, a venue for open-air events, has been entrusted to the ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI Culture Centre. Song festivals of the Western Lithuanian region, as well as grand concerts of pop and rock performers, are held there.

Since 2015, the ŽVEJŲ RŪMAI Culture Centre has also been administering the Community House (at 48 Debreceno Str.). The Community House is a place of operation of non-governmental organisations and dozens of amateur art groups who carry out their artistic activities there. Concerts, celebrations, get-togethers and other various cultural events are held there, lectures are given, and thematic exhibitions displayed.

Calendar of Events

"Fairy-tale About Kitten, Cock-a-Dodle-Doo and Seven Goatlings"

12:00 hour

Theatre Hall

6.20 €

Performance for Children based on Lithuanian Tales


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