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“The Yelling Kitchen Prince“

BRAM GRAAFLAND (Nyderlandai / The Netherlands)






The Yelling Kitchen Prince is the only owner of the Kitchen-organ-drumset in the world: cooking, playing the organ and drumming at the same time…a piece of cake! This physical show spins frantically between being theatre, a circus act and a rock concert but its final delivery is all about the baking of one solitary pancake. Flying ingredients, pounding music, a really sharp cooking knife in an intimide ode all add the driving force for the twenty seven-and-an-half minutes it takes for this ode to reach its climax…the solitary pancake!

In The Yelling Kitchenprince the leading role is for the "Kitchenorgandrumset”, a totally new instrument. It is the accumulation of one and half year inventing and building by Bram. He taught himself how to play the instrument, he wrote the show, composed the music, rehearsed, and learned a load of other disciplines he didn’t master before, like juggling with flower, milk and butter! He still trains 4 hours a day, almost 6 days a week for this show.

And all the hard work results in steamy, moving but most of all genuine show in which circus, theatre and a rock concert vividly come together.


Free Entrance




2019 July 6 d, Saturday, 13:00 hour

2019 July 6 d, Saturday, 18:00 hour

2019 July 7 d, Sunday, 19:00 hour


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