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COMPAGNIE BILBOBASSO (Prancūzija / France)



Stulbinanti ugningojo tango istorija / The astounding story of a fiery tango


Režisūra / Direction: Hervé Perrin ir Delphine Dartus

Vaidina / Starring: Hervé Perrin, Delphine Dartus, Elodie Bernardeau Ortega, Patrice Meissirel, Gonzalo Gudino, Florent Pellen



Hervé Perrin and Delphine Dartus created the Compagnie Bilbobasso in 2006 in order to create and spread shows stemming from their researches on the alliance of Argentinian tango, music and fire art as modes of expression conveying emotions into the street. Throughout its creations, the company carves its own path in the world of performance arts, affirming their own original, sober, poetic and spectacular style captivating a large public of all ages and sensibilities.

The Bilbobasso company, with its show “Polar“ where the thriller genre meets silent film and street theatre, goes on with its investigation and interrogation on Argentinian tango combined with music and the art of fire in the street, as a vector of strong poetical images and rough emotions.

The  actors take you along with them into the lively atmosphere of a Cabaret in Buenos Aires where the young lady hangs out with gangster-looking musicians. The relationships get complicated and reveal their truths as a stolen safe appears and stirs up everyone’s lust.

The piano explodes, the hats blaze, the fans flare up, fire, here, is an arm of seduction, sparkles in the eyes and star-studded rain.


Free Entrance


2019 July 5 d, Friday, 22:00 hour

2019 July 7 d, Sunday, 22:00 hour


Calendar of Events

"The Poets Are Coming"

18:00 hour

Big Hall

19.20 - 23.20 €


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